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From the beginning, Emerald Scientific has embraced and fostered collaboration.  We believe that when we work together we elevate the industry and empower our organizations.  Toward facilitating more collaboration we are proud to introduce The Emerald Community which we envision as a hub of shared ideas, information and co-creating.  Whether your specialty is analytical chemistry, extraction science or research and development, The Emerald Community will be a resource where you can find information and exchange ideas with the top scientific minds in the cannabis industry.  We will seed the community with content such as analytical methods, instructional videos and forum based discussions.  Save this location and please plan to participate;  this vision will rely on it!

Extraction Efficiency Series Preview

Emerald Scientific is proud to present this introductory video for a webinar series on optimizing cannabinoid and terpene extraction and enrichment using sub- and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction using analytical methodology.

This series features live demonstration of cannabis extraction using a commercial CO2 extraction system and narrative highlighting the basic principles of the extraction, factors that must be optimized with the aid of analytical instrumentation and testing, as well as pre- and post-extraction treatment of cannabis and extract.

Hosted by Drs. Jerry King and John MacKay, who have more than a combined 80 years of experience in the field, the series will physically demonstrate the role of cannabis matrix preparation prior to initiating extraction, the extraction of cannabis flower using a commercial extraction unit, and in particular, the use of analytical methodology crucial to optimizing the extraction and enrichment of the active-cannabis constituents.

The first webinar in this series, Objective Setting Part One, is now available for purchase!

We could not be more excited to bring this content to the industry knowing there is a tremendous appetite for this information and we truly believe this is ground breaking content.

This series was made possible through sponsorship and collaboration with Eden Labs, Fritsch International, Steep Hill Labs, GFarmaLabs, and Orange Photonics.

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